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Homely food always holds a special charm flavoured with nostalgia. Who would want to miss the opportunity to tickle their taste buds with authentic, local and pure food produce akin to our traditional taste?
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Who we are & What we do

Established in 2021, Planet Rootz LLP is the brainchild of enterprising homemaker Mrs. Neetha Joseph who have always envisioned serving unadulterated and pure food to the family and society at large. With this venture, Planet Rootz also aims to promote local farmers and tribal groups who produce first grade and unadulterated food. We have associated with more than 10 local producers, the majority being women entrepreneurs.

A Promise from us!

"The present generation is addicted to fast food and many are prone to lifestyle diseases. There is no dearth in variety food, but quality and health are not assured. This made us think about an alternative way, where we could provide healthy and good food without compromising on the taste."
"In a world where profit often takes precedence over well-being, the significance of consuming unadulterated food cannot be overstated. The choices we make regarding what we put on our plates reverberate not only through our individual health but echo into the future, shaping the well-being of both the young and old. At Plant Rootz... Read More

How we work

Today, we are a growing brand in the distribution of Pure Food to families in Ernakulam. We have also earned a name among our customers for providing some unique and novel products that revived their homely and pure taste buds.
Based at Kakkanad in Kochi, we bring you ethically grown food from the farm to your dining table. Planet Rootz has undertaken the distribution and sales of a variety of authentic food ranging from jackfruit products, honey, frozen fresh agro products and the like. We have a well-built supply chain system wherein produce is directly sourced from producers, and delivered. Some of the products are sourced from export licensed producers - both local and nationwide.

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